LokoStation is the system for unlifting of patient by using harnesses and ropes. Lokostation allows to use both dynamic and passive mode of unlifting.

Ideal combination is with PPS Med rehabilitation treadmills and Lokohelp gait trainer, which allows the widest usage of the system.


Chcete zjistit dostupnost, cenu nebo se odborně poradit?

Therapy with safety

For more than 20 years, treadmill therapy has established itself as a successful, evidence-based therapeutic means for gait recovery and rehabilitation after stroke, after spinal and head injuries, and after infant cerebral palsy. Studies show that treadmill therapy with body weight support is superior to conventional walking, since the number of repetitions of standing- and swinging-leg cycles is generally greater. This means that in the long term, clear improvement of walking ability is to be expected.

Continuously Variable Patient Body Weight Support

With the LokoStation, partial body weight support of the patient is made possible. It allows for weight support to be controlled in a continuously variable manner by means of the therapist using a crank (minimal exertion necessary!) and can be readjusted at any time.


The LokoStation‘s 2-point suspension ensures optimal rotational stability for the patient. Asymmetrical support is possible through direct adjustment of cable length. Fixing of the patient‘s center of mass is possible using elastic bands on the railings.

Dynamic Body Weight Support

In addition to static body weight support, the LokoStation also allows dynamic body weight support. With dynamic weight support, the previously set support weight provides for uniform support during the entire gait cycle, since the support weight of the vertical movement of the centre of mass is always tracked. This special form of dynamic weight support has the advantage that for the safety of the patient, vertical movement is limited using upper and lower stops. The patient can thus move within a defined area without falling, and is thereby guided precisely and in complete safety.

High Level of Patient Safety

The LokoStation ensures a high degree of safety when used with patients. It not only gives the patient a tremendous sense of security during treadmill training, but also supports the therapist during therapy. The patient harness reliably prevents falls. The walking surface of the treadmill is outfitted with an additional safety brake which prevents unwanted movement of the walking surface during preparation of the patient.

Access to the patient from all sides

The entire structure is designed with the special requirement of locomotion therapy in mind – to be able to reach the patient from all sides – and allows absolutely unhindered work with the patient and thereby the correction of body and joint position. Furthermore, this design allows the use of a mirror within the field of view of the patient. Seats mounted on the side of the treadmill are individually adjustable and enable a comfortable seating position for the therapist during manual therapy.

Wheelchair ramp

The LokoStation is equipped with a wheelchair ramp, which enables comfortable loading of the patient onto the walking surface while still seated in a wheelchair. Longer wheelchair ramps and platforms for horizontal loading onto the treadmill are optionally available, according to space available.

Low cost of operation

The LokoStation is a purely mechanical system which functions without additional equipment and/or electrical power or complex control routines and is thus ideal for use in physical therapy. Use is uncomplicated and operation costs are correspondingly low.